Key Objectives

Together for West Philadelphia will:

  • Foster development of an alliance to enable stakeholders from a variety of associations to collaborate on projects for the benefit of the West Philadelphia community and to leverage resources within the collaborative in order to develop and advance comprehensive and sustainable programs of greater impact;

  • Leverage learnings, evidence-based methodologies and best practices from similar collaboratives (in the region and nationally) in order to efficiently replicate and appropriately scale practical solutions for the community.

Common Purpose

Together for West Philadelphia will be committed to:

  • Assessing community needs and identifying and developing projects and programs focused on improving health for residents of West Philadelphia.

  • Our definition of health will encompass:

    • Health care access, physical wellness, education, opportunity, housing, nutrition, food insecurity, emotional wellness, community and civic engagement, and social supports.

Core Values

Together for West Philadelphia will value:

  • Engagement of the community;

  • Consistency in meeting to set expectations, maintain momentum, and foster commitment;

  • Measurable outcomes in all sponsored projects; and

  • Flexibility and Inclusivity of membership in order to promote our common purpose.